Edward Fausty: Worlds

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These fisheye images seem to hover like worlds in space, evoking, perhaps, some of the wonder that astronauts reminisce about gazing back on earth, and that I dreamt about during my second year in college, just prior to embarking on a lifetime practice of making pictures.

In that dream, I am in the midst of an epic search thru the catacombs of ancient churches in France and Europe. What I am searching for is ambiguous, but has association with current academic work. I am in earnest, but it’s not going well.

I emerge, tired and discouraged, from the great doorway of a cathedral and look out on the Parisian night from atop an ancient stone stairway. In the distance, I see a procession led by an old man, who turns out to be the eminent psychologist Carl Jung.

I promptly send my question telepathically to the old man, who stops, takes it in, and points to the sky. What I see when I look up is the circular glowing field (of a microscope or telescope) hovering in the night sky, and in this circle a clear luminous image. As my eyes meet this static, enclosed, irrefutable image, I feel the desperation evaporate. In it's place is simply wonder.



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