Edward Fausty: Next Frontier




    a room lit by a tv. outside tree and house theatrically lit by streetlight. stars and clouds



Next Frontier: the land and the night sky

In these photographs I am exploring my fascination with the night, and how the presence of stars transforms it; how the stars seem to imply a greater vastness of space, putting our planet and our lives into their proper context as very small parts of a very large unknown. We are a small island in a great sea.

Night has always been a challenge to photographers, but now the digital sensor allows the camera to see into the deepest obscurities and illuminated areas in a way that feels true. Stars pop out of the darkness in their varying colors, moonlight fills the night with the bluish tint of skylight, while light from homes and streets creates it’s own familiar ambience.

In the past, it was only the skilled painter who could render in this way. Now, in addition to the control digital processing offers, digital pigment printing has, for me, strengthened the bridge of ink between disparate art disciplines.

The prints, 25"x34", are on Moab Entrada natural paper with a smooth eggshell finish. Edition size is 7.  There are more than 30 images in the series.

full length video at Hunterdon Art Museum (56 min.)

shorter video at Hunterdon Art Museum (11 min.)
















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#4621 Tv Room, Stamford, CT
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#9236 Cluster Tree and Stars, Bedford, NY
#0465 Soccer Goal, Bedford, NY
#3861  Lane into Void, Jet Trail, Stamford, CT
#9752 Moonlight House and Clouds
#28872 New Houses, Monmouth Jct., NJ
#1224   Brick Pile, Bedford Hills, NY
#1175   Commercial Facade, Bedford Hills, NY
#5464  Wheelbarrow, Pound Ridge, NY
#4038   Asphalt Plant , Bedford Hills, NY
#7306   Condos and Distant Power Plant, Hengshui City, China
#7333   Night Window with Sheets , Hengshui City, China
#7637   Hutong (Alley) with arched facade, Hengshui City, China
#3803   Antenna Shack, Los Angeles, CA
#6096   Arch and Tree, Laguna Woods, CA
#6075   Car, Streetlight, Laguna Woods, CA
#6059   Tree, Stars, Meteor, Laguna Woods, CA
#3578   Moon,Stars, Offroad Tracks, Laguna Woods, CA
#3870   Texting, , Outside Palm Springs, CA