The Harsimus Stem Railroad Embankment in Jersey City

These are some views of the sixth street embankment that are available as digital pigment prints.  Purchasing these will help the cause of preservation of this important part of  New Jersey history and its historic neighborhood. I have pledged to donate 50% of the purchase price to the Embankment Coalition.

all images made on a late summer morning in 2010.

20"x30" prints are $400, so $200 will be donated.

14"x20" prints are $300, so $150 will be donated.

these should fit in standard frames, but sizes can be customized.

shipping and framing are available. please contact me with any questions.



                 Tree and Wall, 6th Street   6374                                                          Stones and Light   6622





                  Fountain and Wall     6671                                                                                                         Building, Alley    6446




                   Alley Growth     6586                                                                                                            Trees and Wall      6686




                   Fire Escape in Back Light       6516                                           Bird Flight        6580




                    Wall and Foliage    6480                                                             Wall and Alley      6463




Alley and Arch     6600


                      Garden Panorama



                        Umbrella Panorama




                    Le Bouquiniste    7692                                                                                                             bike and alley       6544




           The Harsimus Stem Railroad Embankment and the creation of an exciting new urban park in Jersey City


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